Intro to Intuitive Painting

Coming soon!

Learn how to trust in the process

You are invited for an opportunity:
• to be brave and explore endless ways to create
• to engage and listen to your inner wisdom
• to let go of expectations, pressure, ‘shoulds’, challenge what art is supposed to look like
• to liberate creative blocks

Intuitive Mindful Eating Circle

Coming soon!

Bring-your-own meal and learn mindfulness while eating

We will be exploring:
• what is ‘intuitive eating’ and the new psychotherapy research behind it
• how to identify hunger and fullness
• creating your individualized menu
• applying elements of intuitive mindfulness during our meals

Open studios

Coming soon!

Come visit the studio + engage in self-care

Drop-in style providing an art as therapy directives. The participants are able to create in the safe space and work with the art materials with an art therapist guiding them.

See the benefits. Increases connection with others and oneself, brings in community feeling and embraces creativity. A great way to practice self-care: decreases anxiety, elevates mood, increase feelings of calmness.