Art Therapy + Counselling


What is art therapy?

Art Therapy is therapy beyond the arena of words.

You do not need to have ‘talent’ or have to be able to make a ‘perfect’ art piece. Art Therapy is not about the end product, what matters is the process. My clients learn that creative art making can help them express in a safe and fun way—that it is under their control—and that we often uncover meaningful insights from our creations. 

Art Therapy synthesizes verbal and non-verbal communication. I find Art Therapy to be transformative and powerful for anyone who is open to communicating through not only talk therapy alone, as well as through other means of creative narrative-telling. When we begin opening to what creativity can bring into our self-discovery journey, the artwork will start revealing personal significance that connect with our lived experiences.

Some benefits of art therapy include:

• Development of self-awareness and personal growth
• Accessing individual creativity
• Exploring our inner world through endless possibilities
• Better expressing our thoughts and feelings
• Better coping with stress and life challenges
• Connecting and healing our inner child
• Caution: can be really fun! 


"Would I need to create art during our counselling sessions?"

I am an art therapist as well as a clinical counsellor, so you have the option of coming in for counselling with or without incorporating in art therapy into the session.

You can always pick up art therapy whenever you feel ready or if you have a change in mind!


Curious what working with art therapy is like? Come in for a session with me!