Registered Clinical Counsellor and Art Therapist



Hi there, my name is Linda. I am a culturally-sensitive, open-minded, dedicated counsellor and art therapist, hoping to work with you to help meet your mental health goals. 

I specialize in individuals and couples who struggle with anxiety/stress, disordered eating, and self-esteem concerns.

I help my clients build self-compassion and empowerment to cope with their emotional disturbance, and embrace their creativity so they can live a life with wonder. All of my clients have the option to add on art therapy if they would like.

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#16037) and a Certified Canadian counsellor (#10004208), you will be ensured that I have the proper education and training to support you and your mental health needs.

An individualized treatment plan
I believe that every client who comes in the room has unique stories and lived experiences they bring in, so I orient and cater therapy unique to each individual.

I always tell my clients that they can say however much they want to say and to let me know if they would like to change the topic if they are not ready.

I am here to witness, to hear you out, to empathize, to hold space, and to explore with you in your journey of healing. 


My Approach


As your therapist, my work is to help guide you to gain more self-awareness and build autonomy on your journey of mental health and wellbeing …and I am passionate at doing that!

Story-telling and transformation.

Stories are essential when I am getting to know the way people are who they are. I listen to the narratives, learning the lived experiences through my clients’ lens as they teach me about who they are. I work with individuals to transform problem saturated stories into stories of hope and possibility.

Bridging the mind, heart and gut.

I encourage my clients and work with them to build essential coping tools for calming their mind, to listen to their heart and enhance emotional literacy, and to learn to trust their gut feeling when something doesn’t feel right. From self-doubt, fear of vulnerability and shame to welcoming in self-awareness, courage, and compassion!

Look for transformation in these moments:
* When we are compassionate with ourselves and our bodies, and feel lighter yet abundant within.
* When our creativity is unleashed and we feel free to explore our endless potential.
* When our needs and values are met and we truly feel heard and feel belonged in our community.
* When we find meaning, and feel alive, excited, motivated, and ready.

Together, we will be learning and working towards experiencing these moments in your life.

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