My Core Values



Practicing creativity can help us connect with our intuitive self—our true self. Actively engaging in creativity helps me practice continuous self-reflecting and learn to be more mindful— being aware in the present moment.

I use this tool to empower my clients as well. By accessing your inner creativity it allows you to better understand your inner struggles, cope better with stressful environments, and gain clarity from past lived-experiences. Creativity was a catalyst in my own wellness journey and I am passionate to support you through yours. 


I believe that Congruency and Creativity work together to gain self-awareness. Before we can understand the beauty Congruency carries, we need to first commit to our own healing journey through continuous self-reflection.

In our work together, I support congruence for you by helping you gain clarity on your goals and values and by supporting you as you reconnecting with your dreams and true self. I promote self-empowerment and confidence through inner work to claim back who you are.


Have you ever wondered what is fueling your feeling of ‘stuckness’? What is holding you back from accomplishing and doing what you want to do? Often worry tries to protect us from doing creative work and impedes us from rising above our struggles. In my work I hope to inspire you to choose Wonder over worry so you can face your fears, rewrite old stories, and invite curiosity, courage, and compassion into our healing journey (Amber Rae’s wise words). When we let wonder in, we can feel liberated and that is when we seize our creative potential!


“Belong to yourself above all else”—Brené Brown 

Ever since I was young, I remember how much of a struggle it was trying to fit in; to stand up for what I believed in, to deal with bullies who wanted to make me feel small and not enough. These experiences influenced me when I was young. They created a belief that I couldn’t trust myself, and that I needed to look to others to fit in.

We spend so much time doubting ourselves and pulling us away from doing what we want to do. I picture Belonging to look not only like being a part of something that is bigger than myself, but also having the courage to stand alone, finding ways to invite in self-love and showing compassion to others around us. 


Compassion allows you to come home to yourself.  When we develop deeper self-awareness, learn more about how we talk to ourselves, and the way we listen to our bodies, we start to invite in Compassion for our wellness. Practicing self-compassion and setting boundaries help us learn to accept ourselves. Similar to Belonging, Compassion is not about seeking for approval from others; it is about honouring our intuitive self. I feel that I am the most mindful and compassionate when I am around nature, connecting with animals, practicing sustainability, and deepening my spirituality.

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