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The Tea inside the Teapot

Where do you store possessions? 
Valuables that you want to keep but also hope they are safe.

Where do you store memories? 
Special snippets of experiences you have felt and moments of becoming.

Where do you store fears?
Perceptions that hurt you and makes you want to run the other way. 

What about worries?
Thoughts that could impede you from moving on or taking action to live with possibilities. 

How do you store away an incomplete, unresolved or painful side of reality?

We all need proper closure — a proper fitting lid for our teapot.
A transition object or even a metaphor image that can help you let go of the past.

Whether you have held onto this for a short while or for a long, long time, 
You are the one who has control of how you can let go of this past that no longer serves you.

With adequate guidance and support, the teapot can pour out tea with care without spilling it and tipping it over.

The teapot comes with the acknowledgement that you are honest with yourself, 

that you have grieved, 

that you have made up your mind, 

that there is support around you in this here and now, 

and that you are aware that there is a future bigger than this.

This teapot is an image I came up with for a proper closure that works for me.

What does your containment or transitional image look like?